Everything You Need To Know About Instagram

Instagram has become one of the hardest social media platforms– if not the hardest — to grow on. Trust me, I know from experience. Today I am going to talk about everything YOU need to know about Instagram and how to grow + succeed on the platform! Now some of you may be thinking, “Why are you giving advice when you don’t even have that many followers?” The reason why is because I am GROWING ORGANICALLY. I have taken a lot of time off these last few months from social media and have started to notice a lot of things about the app that most don’t see. Therefore, I have compiled some of tips & tricks needed to succeed on Instagram and decided to share them with you today!


I can’t tell you enough how important it is to not only engage with those who you are following, but as well those who are following you or are in your Discover! This is something that I still struggle with at times because I am usually pretty busy when posting or sometimes I’m just not in the mood (blogger of the year of here!) but it is so important to take the time out of your day to engage. Engaging with your audience provides authenticity and allows you to develop a personal relationship with your following. Additionally, you will start to see follows coming in from REAL people that want to follow you because the will start to notice those relationships amongst you and your followers! The best way to engage is with a LIKE AND COMMENT. Once again, if you’re just liking posts, no one is seeing the personal relation and most of time, captions have something to respond to. Whether you’re reading a question or story…COMMENT — answer the questions or even ask one!


This tip is directed more towards bloggers + businesses because most personal accounts do not have access to insights. However, if you do have the option to look at your insights, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. Your insights are there to help you or business develop a better understanding of your following. The most important section of your insights is the “Audience” because it tells you where your following is from, their age range and the best time to post. Getting to know more about where your audience is located gives you an understanding of where your content should be located. Now when I say that, I don’t mean you travel 6,000 miles to get an IG pic…unless you have the money and want to! What Im saying, is that if a large percentage of your following is from Santa Cruz and you live in Santa Cruz, try to work + collaborate with local brands that your followers can go visit.

Now you don’t have to necessarily live in your audiences location. There are a ton other ways to work with your “Top Locations”; however, most of the time, the place you live in is going to be apart of those top 5 locations so I always try to gear towards staying local. An example of how I would work with one of my other locations that I don’t have access to would be again, finding brands to work with there. For instance, one of my top locations is New York. New York is 2,972.5 miles away…meaning I’m not going there anytime soon. Therefore, I would scout some New York brands, shops + boutiques or ways for me to get involved with the area so my audience from there is more likely to engage!


I wanted to share with those who don’t know what insights are or what kind of information it shares looks like. This is the “Audience” section of my insights but you also have the opportunity to visit the “activity” and “content” sections as well!



If you’re not happy with the content you’re posting, your followers will see right through you. I don’t know if anyone else has ever experienced this, but if you have ever asked someone else to take your picture and you can tell they do not want to be there, they do not care and they don’t want to be holding the camera/phone, then you most likely saw that final shot and looked at it with disgust. Believe it or not, your mood or whoever is taking the picture has the BIGGEST impact on the image you’re posting.

Post content you’re proud of and that you’re overjoyed with and I promise, you will see a difference in both your engagement and following.


Again, this is something directed more towards bloggers + businesses than personal accounts. Im bringing up the topic of giveaways because they have both pros and cons depending on what type of giveaway you’re hosting and heres how:


Loop giveaways give you a chance to gain anywhere between 100-5K or more followers depending on the accounts involved. HOWEVER, all of these new followers are following you to win a prize they probably have no chance in winning. Therefore, they’re not there to engage with your content and they’re most likely going to unfollow eventually.


Collaboration giveaways are great! These usually occur with a brand or business partnership and they can bring on a larger number of followers depending on the collaboration. Of course, there is still a chance you will be gaining followers that won’t engage or unfollow. However, if you’re working with a brand or business in the same niche, you’re more likely to keep the followers and engage with them than you would with a loop giveaway.


Personal giveaways are my personal favorite because they’re all about giving back to your following for their support. A lot of times for personal giveaways, they’re hosted after reaching a certain number of followers– this means it is not about gaining more followers, it is about thanking all the support your current followers have given. This is probably the most genuine giveaway you can do because it’s a gift to those who have support your journey and it’s a really great way to connect with your audience.


Captions. Captions. Captions. Alway use captions. The reason why I believe that you should always use a caption is because it will make sure you don’t end up looking like spam. If you’re just posting a random photo without a caption, how will your followers engage or know the reason why you’re posting that photo? USE CAPTIONS.


This blog post has now turned into a novel so I am going to part ways with you now until next time! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or send me a message. Additionally, if you would like to hear more Instagram tips + tricks for some extra advice, let me know! Happy Saturday!

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