My ACTUAL Skincare Routine

Over the last few years, my everyday skincare routine has changed dramatically. I went from using 3-5 products, to about 8 and then down to 2… yes, I said 2. I used to think that a “Skincare Routine” included about 5-6 products to even be considered a ‘”routine”– I’m not sure why I ever thought that, but I do know that ever since trying EvenPrime, I have only needed to use their Cleanser & Moisturizer.

This doesn’t mean I don’t mask or use any other products. I have had the opportunity to try so many products that have made a positive difference in my skin so I still use those. However, my everyday am/pm skincare routine always includes EvenPrime and whatever else I use is usually because I want to treat myself or I had caused my skin to breakout.

Skincare is so important to me so when I came across EvenPrime and later received my first package from Palm, I jumped on it. Im not going to lie, it took me awhile to try their moisturizer because at the time, I was really looking for a cleanser and I already had my moisturizer. However, once I noticed how well their cleanser was working on my skin, I figured it was time to try them both.

After using both products, I began to see my face clear up more and I was left with an effortless glow. EvenPrime has honestly changed my skin and has made me feel completely comfortable makeup free. I am now comfortable going to work with no makeup which is important to me since last year, I was a lot more insecure; even when I had 1 or 2 blemishes, I would immediately cover them up with makeup.

If you’re someone looking for an easy 2-Step skincare routine or even a new cleanser/moisturizer, I would recommend EvenPrime.


This blog post was NOT in sponsorship of EvenPrime. Everything said here was my honest opinion and review. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below or email me at

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