Mid July Empties

This month, I have been focusing a lot on skincare. Awhile back, it was all that I would do; I would be masking with my sister almost every night and was hunting for new/better cleansers like there was no tomorrow. After finding products that were actually working to clear my skin, I started doing a lot less and decided to basically use those products religiously. However, not too long ago, I began running out of my favorite products, which caused me to change up my entire skincare routine…which lead to my skin breaking out again. At this time, I’m almost backed to my old routine after repurchasing/receiving the products again, however I wanted to share with you what these products were that helped my skin so much and as well some of my favorite masks that have helped my skincare journey.

fullsizeoutput_2ae9At my age, it is very common to have a constant battle with acne *ugh* which is why I look for products that either specialize in clearing or have some beneficial factor in the formula. I recently ran out of my @EvenPrimeAndCo cleanser which was a game changer for my skin. Before trying this cleanser, I had used almost every single cleanser you could think of. I had tried out, Pacifica, Veise Beauty, Monastery, VitaBloom, 20 East Botanicals, True & Olive, Trezor and probably about 10 others. None of these are bad cleansers; I know for a fact that they were a game changer for other people, but they just didn’t do exactly what I needed for my skin.

EvenPrime was probably the first cleanser that I saw a difference in my skin after a week or two of using. All of their products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial coloring, and animal testing. Additionally, I love that their cleanser only has 10 ingredients inside; it may not be all-natural/organic which is what I usually look for, but until I find a cleanser that gives results similar to theirs that is natural, I’m okay with using it. However, I do a lot of you choose to use only natural products so my second favorite cleanser would be Sage from Monastery.
fullsizeoutput_2922.jpegSage also gave my skin good results, I just found that EvenPrime gave be a little bit quicker of results. I probably will go back to using Sage after I run out of EvenPrime again or when my skin is completely clear because I do like the fact that its all-natural and I love the owner Athena (Sweetest girl). If you are interested in Sage though, I have talked about it previously on the blog and you can find out more when visiting the “Beauty” section or their stunning Instagram: @MonasteryMade

I also recently ran out of my Klei Beauty clay masks. I have the tiniest bit left of Brighten & Nourish, but for the most part, I’m all out. Klei is a brand I’m always talking about because they’re a natural skincare line that is growing beautifully. I have not only used Clarify, Brighten & Nourish on my skin, but I have used them on my friends and family as well and have heard nothing but good feedback.

fullsizeoutput_2aeb.jpegLike I said before, I used to mask almost everyday and Klei was always my go-to–without question. I love that everything is small-batched and made by Valerie herself. Im not even joking when I say this, I plan on saving up and buying every single product she carries, haha. If you’re interested in checking out her line, she is based in Brooklyn, New York and her products give amazing results; I’ve seen my acne go away overnight at times so if you’re someone that does struggle with acne, I would recommend Clarify.

Another product from Monastery that I use religiously is Gold. I have gone through my second bottle now because I use it literally EVERY SINGLE MORNING & NIGHT. If you’re someone who wears makeup a lot or not, this is your product. I use Gold as a moisturizer because it gives the perfect glow to your skin. During the school year or whenever I’m wearing my makeup, I apply it before putting on my makeup, and as well after removing.

fullsizeoutput_27caGold is defiantly more expensive than the other products I shared today; however, it is “packed with only the finest ingredients to rebuild and restore your skins cellular wall” (Monastery). All of Athena’s products are made of whole, natural ingredients sourced from theworld’s own natural beauty (Monastery).

Even though Gold is more expensive, I recommend it because:

  1. All Natural
  2. You know exactly whats going on your skin
  3. Works for all skin types (dry, sensitive, oily)
  4. It smells amazing
  5. It’s my favorite serum <- that should be number one but whatever, haha.

These are all the products that I have recently ran out of; however, I will be doing a similar post at the end of the month so you can check that out to see some more! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or DM me on Instagram! @Hey_ItsLinds.

All Photography By @HeyItsLindsPhoto

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