Life Update + Maui

Hey, It’s Linds! Haha, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here so I thought it was time for a life update! A few weeks ago, I finished my first year of high school and began my summer vacation. After celebrating my sisters birthday and high school graduation, my family and a friend of ours, hopped on a plane to Hawaii–which is where I currently am typing this.

We’ve been on Maui for the last week and it has been an incredible trip full of blue ski’s, teal water and of course…tomato red sunburns, haha…oops. While in Hawaii, we took a catamaran to two beautiful bays to go snorkeling; there, we saw beautiful coral reefs and many sea turtles!! We also had the opportunity to visit some turtles at Turtle Bay which is where we saw a number of turtles lined up on the beach sleeping…don’t worry, I tool pictures + videos of both which you can find down below.

Turtle Bay

Our Snorkeling Adventure

Other than Hawaii, I have just been laying low since I wanted to focus on finishing my finals before I left. However, we are sadly saying Mahalo to this beautiful island today and jumping on a plane home; although, that does mean I’ll be able to write more often! Anyways… I don’t want to keep you too long so Ill see you soon!



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