3 WOMAN Owned Brands I Support

2018 is the year of women. You can agree or disagree, but I am going to tell you why I agree. Marianne Schnall–American writer, interviewer, and feminist–  writes about how women are “more engaged, energized and resolute than ever. Issues that were long ignored are finally coming to the surface, and women are beginning to speak up and use their voices and influence to demand real change” (CNN). I am a small blogger; however, I am proud to be in such an influential community that I am. I have had the chance to become close with so many girls and my goal is to constantly remind my fellow   #BossBabes one thing–“SUPPORT. LOVE. EMPOWER”— The reason why I am trying to remind others to embrace those three words is because “Empowered Women, Empower Women.”  Today, I am doing my part by SUPPORTING 3 Women Owned Businesses + Brands that I love. I hope you enjoy!





Klei Beauty is owned by a young women named Valerie Smith. Valerie hand makes each batch of Klei Beauty products with 100% natural ingredients and carefully researches each ingredient she used to make sure it is highly beneficial for the skin. I have had the pleasure to work with Klei Beauty from the start of Hey It’s Linds and in all honesty, I don’t think I will ever stop using her products. The Nourish and Clarify clay masks have never failed me by causing me to react or breakout and have continued to help moisturize and clear my skin.

Get to know Valerie Smith– Valerie grew up in Hoboken, NJ and moved to Brooklyn, where she has now lived for 7 years. While growing up, her biggest influence was always and still is, her mother. Her mom would teach her how to sew + knit and really inspired her to make things herself–on her own. Another reason why her mother was her biggest influence growing up was because of how supportive she was. No matter what, she supported Valerie trough “whatever crazy thing I wanted to make” she talked about.

Val’s (Valerie) passion for Klei Beauty came from pure joy of “making beauty concoctions in” her kitchen–which she started doing at a young age. At one point, she decided to branch out and start her own business which has become a favorite of many–including me. When asking about her motivations, she stated, “Creating new products, and hearing  people’s positive reactions when they use them, that’s a huge motivator for me to create even more.” I then began talking to her about her goal for Klei and what she hopes for it to become. She continued with, “I have so many goals for Klei, but the current 2018 goals are to expand my product line, and be able to quit my full-time job at some point.” Finally, Val’s long-term goal for Klei is to support charities that mean something to her personally such as, Habitat for Humanity, RAINN and Planned Parenthood. Talk about BOSS BABES! Make sure to checkout her beautiful shop and find something you like (which I guarantee you will because I am obsessed with all of her products) and use “LINDS20” for 20%!


LIV Lavish Goods

Liv Lavish Goods is luxury skincare brand that believes in self-care, made from safe + natural ingredients. Liv was founded in Canada during 2017 and is owned by the beautiful Miranda. As of right now, she makes the most wonderfully scented coffee scrub in the scent Peppermint Mocha–as you can, I’m a little bit of a fan–hehe.

Get to know Miranda–

“Hi there! My name is Miranda and my business is called LIV Lavish Goods.

I’ve been living in Lethbridge, Alberta for about a year and a half now, but my hometown is Squamish, BC. My move out to Alberta with my fiance is what prompted my decision to start LIV Lavish Goods: I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to go back to work in early childhood education so I began toying with the idea of starting a small business!
Apart from working on my business, I mostly just hang out with my fiance and my cat 😉 “
As I continued to talk to Miranda, I began asking who her biggest influence was growing up and her goals for LIV. Her biggest influence growing up was also her mom because she’s a small business owner herself–mother-like-daughter 🙂 In the near future, she wants to expand LIV and develop “several other all natural, personal care products.”



Monastery is a skincare brand run by the beautiful, Athena Ellen. I have been using her products for a few months now and I am obsessed. I had never used cleansing oils before trying Monastery and now, I don’t want to stop!– hehe. When I first read about Monastery, I was itching to try. Not only do I live a few hours away, but the story behind her brand spoke to me. My favorite part was her grandmother’s influence on her– ” Her grandmother pressed oil from their own grove and mixed sage, chamomile, and rosemary into tonics to purify and heal her skin.” As you continue reading about Monastery, you discover:
“After over a decade studying and practicing with medical-grade skincare products in California, Athena realized that technology had not improved on her grandmother’s holistic recipes for purifying and healing skin. In fact, the proliferation of astringent products which tried (and mostly failed) to combat acne left her patients’ skin irritated, red, and dry. 

Monastery is her solution — products made of whole, natural ingredients sourced from the world’s own natural beauty. Sages from the archipelagos of Greece, Roses from Ayurvedic India, Citri from the blooms of Japan — these products evoke the suns they were grown under.


No salts. No alcohol.

Purify and heal your skin with Monastery.”


Get to know Athena– Athena grew up in Central California on a farm as a first generation American and attended both art + beauty school. She now lives in San Francisco with her husband, 9 month old son, and her 7 year old bulldog 🙂 Together, her and her husband are run Monastery– her “husband runs the technical ride of Monastery and (she) makes the product.”
Additionally, Athena also has a skincare studio where she gives facials using her Monastery products! She continued with, ” I also took international and local courses on perfumery and have been loving the craft of natural perfumery for about 5 years. I truly love it. I could do it all day.” Again… talk about BOSS BABES! She does it all– wife, mama, and businesses owner to both a skincare brand and studio.


There are so many amazing brands that I love supporting. If you’re a brand + small business, contact me and I would love to chat! Much love!

Xoxo,  Linds


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