Simple and Easy Hairstyles

Finding simple hair styles that are easy to perfect, is every girls hopes. However, the process of getting there, is a lot easier said, than done. Here are 7 easy hair styles that I use to make your mornings brighter 🙂

   1. Simple Up-Do

If you’re the kind of girl that likes to take showers every morning, this is the look for you!  Sophisticated and chic, this hairstyle is perfect for work, bunch and a night out. Simple take a shower and immediately after, comb/brush through your hair and pull it up into a slick high ponytail. This will allow your hair to dry in place and it only takes about a minute!

    2. “Natural” Waves

Another easy look is natural waves. To get this you will need to take a shower and after, simple twist your hair into a bun and get a good nights sleep. Your hair should be tightly twisted and packed in. By doing so, you hair will dry in the twist and will later become waves after taking out your hair tie.

    3. Curls

When curling my hair, I personally like to use a wand. Depending on which kind of look, I either use my Remington 3/4″ Barrel or my Bed Head 1 1/4″ Barrel. For this particular style, I use my Remington 3/4″ Barrel  because I am looking for tight curls. After curling my hair with my wand, I proceed with a SMALL amount of hairspray to last the day. The reason why I only apply a little amount of hairspray is because if I’m not washing my hair the next day, I don’t want me hair to get all greasy.

    4. Braided

Honestly, this has style is one of the easiest out there. Of course the level of complicity is based off of the style chosen, but the look fits any #ootd 😉 Down below are a few braid styles:

Dutch->Waterfall->Inside Out->Milkmaid->Fishtail->Mermaid->Ladder->Five Strand.

   5. Beach Waves

As mentioned before, one of my everyday curling wands is the Bed Head 1 1/4″ Barrel. If you’re looking for loose beach waves, this wand is the way to go. Not only is it budget friendly prices at, $34.99 (Ulta Beauty ) but it works great! I wrap my hair around the wand for about 10-20 seconds (Depending on how much hair) and immediately, I have waves!

   6. Straightened

Finally, the last look is straight. Any straighter really works, but I will link a few cost friendly buys down below. The reason why this hairstyle is so popular, is because it works with anything and everything. Edgy, preppy, girly, sophisticated, etc. All looks match straightened hair. Additionally, it only takes 15 min!

Flat Iron Buys Ulta Beauty :

Pearl Slim Straighter $24.99

Wide 2″Remington Online Only Straightener $39.99

Revlon Ceramic Flat Iron 1″ $34.99
See more hairstyles and inspo on my Pinterest 


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